Revamp your shelves

One way to update a room is to rework your bookcase or shelving unit. Instead of lining up books in straight lines along the shelf, stack them both vertically and horizontally and intersperse them with pieces from a collection or unusual object d’art. Remember too, to use space as a component of your design. By mixing these textures, shapes and materials, you’ll create a personal and original visual statement.

Found at the IIDEX show

IIDEXI met Ann Bartok and Olena Kassian at the recent IIDEX show. They create beautiful sculptural forms using recycled material. If you click on the link to their site, you’ll see that their pieces are versatile and will add a wonderful 3 dimensional component to a wall. I was impressed with the range of colour and style represented in their pieces –  some monochromatic and modern while others have a more craft-like feel.